About Shywire

Shywire mixes one part TECHNOLOGY, one part CREATIVITY, and one part MAGIC to create software that is more FRIENDLY, more FUNCTIONAL, and more FUN. We believe in our PRODUCTS and in our TEAM.

Core Values


  • People--not prosperity--first
  • Kindness to ourselves, our customers, our competitors, and our planet
  • Practical optimism--focusing on the best in ourselves and each other


  • Honest, open, and accountable work and business practices
  • Committed to effort, worthy of trust, honest when wrong
  • Humble with success, and honored by loyalty


  • Home-life and work-life in balance--celebrating success in both
  • Teamwork--not employee work
  • Committed to our community--bettering the world around us


  • Aim high and think big--prepare for today, innovate for tomorrow
  • Do things that matter--focused, purposeful, and constantly improving
  • Best efforts always--anything worth doing is worth doing well

Product Values

Elegant simplicity

  • Keep it clean and sexy.
  • Hide or tier complexity--baby steps.

Purposeful capability

  • If they wanted a kitchen sink, they would have bought one.
  • Enhance and improve, but never violate rule 1.

Meaningful enjoyability

  • Just because I NEED to use it doesn't mean that I shouldn't WANT to use it.
  • Find a way to make it fun--even CFOs like fun.